Lon Monahan Family 2019

Monahan Photographic Artist was started in 1999 by Lon Monahan. Lon’s interest in photography began when he took a polaroid photography class in sixth grade. In 1994 Lon graduated from Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo with an Associate  of Applied Arts degree in photography by completing the two year photography program. In 1996 Lon became the youngest certified professional photographer in the state and he also received his Master of Photography  degree in 2007.


Lon is an artist, not just another photographer. His creativity and exclusive style is evident in every image he creates. A picture from anywhere else only records what you look like, but a portrait from Monahan Photographic Artist is a statement of who you are.


“I feel blessed to be gifted with creativity and I am very appreciative that I enjoy what I do and then I can share that reward. There is great satisfaction in creating something that has indescribable value and significance to others.”

Lon Monahan